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The Star Fish Class is an instructor lead program aimed at introducing new swimming and water safety skills that are developmentally appropriate for infants and young children accompanied by a parent. Through games and confidence building activities, lessons are perfect for a fun and great bonding experience in the water.


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Our Crabs Class is perfect for the complete non-swimming or nervous child. The main focus in this class is on water confidence. This is achieved through games and fun themed lessons to keep the pupils interested whilst at the same time building their confidence as swimmers. 


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Our Turtle Class is the third of our classes there is still a strong focus on building the water confidence of the pupils, but they are also beginning to learn the basics of the four swimming strokes and good body position. The strokes are broken down into their simplest form and taught bit by bit to help the pupils understand them fully.


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In the Seal Class the pupils have generally gained their water confidence and so can focus fully on improving their four strokes. Building on what they learn in the turtles class the pupils now begin to improve their technique, and are also introduced to breathing, diving and deep water confidence.


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