Fun in the Pool


Who are we?

Swimming Workshop was founded in 2007 and has been successfully operating both over the winter and summer months. 


The co-founders of this swimming school are Mark Buttigieg and Neil Agius. Mark and Neil both have been involved professionally in swimming since the young age of eight years old. They are both ASA certified coaches.


Our mission at Swimming Workshop is to really focus in on the needs of the children we teach in order to build their confidence and ability in the pool whilst at the same time making sure that they are having a great time learning to swim!


We understand the importance of building relationships with parents and children and we are genuinely committed to each child’s progression and development.


We are a dedicated, friendly team determined to include all children irrespective of ability as we believe every child should have the opportunity to learn the life skill of swimming in a safe, welcoming and above all fun environment.


Small groups are formed in order to provide individual training for swimmers. Placement into groups is by recommendation of one of the head coaches during the first week of classes. 


Seal Class: 7 - 9 children per group

Crab, Adv Crab & Turtle: 5 - 7 children per group

Starfish: 3 - 4 children per group (20 months - 36 months)


We can’t wait to see you at the pool! Give us a call today and start your swimming lessons!